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Discover your next challenge: Olympia F1-X

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Olympia Cyklar är ett av Italiens ledande cykelmärken och är också en av de äldsta i världen. 

Olympia grundades 1893 och är ett av världens mest exklusiva varumärken och har bara varit tillgängligt i Sverige under de senaste åren. Olympia har sedan starten 1893 fortsatt att investera i forskning och utveckling och driver gränserna för cykeldesign, tillverkning och kvalitet


PIOVE DI SACCO – The new Olympia F1-X marks the return of an Italian brand in the full cross country-marathon.
To get to know her more closely, we went to the Olympia brand headquarters.
Immediately to the eye are some technical choices made by the Italian brand that recall those of some more popular models (Scott Spark, Cannondale Scalpel and Specialized Epic), but the choice was made consciously just to reduce the technical gap between the new Olympia and its most known suitors.

The front triangle, however, is designed according to the dictates that have made the Olympia F1 a great success and is also the most stressed element during off-road driving.

Two details have caught our attention: the Olympia F1-X will not be compatible with the derailleur and will be able to mount a 30.9 mm diameter telescopic seatpost

The frame is a carbon monocoque that exploits the peculiarities of the latest generation T1000, T800, T700 and M40J fibers.
Its weight without shock is only 1,800 grams.

The main feature of this new project is the wagon freed of a joint which, exploiting the deformation of carbon fibers, is lighter and more performing.
The response of the shock to the stresses of the ground is progressive intensity, with considerable advantages in adherence to the ground and in effectiveness during shooting.

The Olympia F1-X is available in sizes S-M-L-XL, in colors with a black-orange and black-green matte finish.

It is possible to choose between a variety of settings and countless options between wheels and suspensions.