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PTN tires noodle

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The secret ingredient of many World Cup racers’ wheel systems in all kinds of mountain bike disciplines. The Tire Noodle made by the Italian company Pepi’s was developed in order to meet the high requirements of professional downhill, endure or cross-country pilots, who are always looking out for more grip, comfort and reliability. This noodle is the lighest system on the market and the cheapest.

It prevents damages to the tyre, as well as to the rim, caused by hard punctures. It allows for reducing the air pressure without an increased risk of defects. Thanks to the tight fit on the rim, the tyre is pushed into the rim flange and held securely there. Pepi’s Tire Noodle effectively prevents excess tyre flexing or even jumping off the rim when cornering fast and with low air pressure. In addition, it also avoids sudden air loss caused by “burping” (tyre jumps off the rim flange and therefore loses air suddenly).

· For 26“, 27,5“ or 29“
· Material: special closed cell foam
· Size M: for rim widths from 27 – 38 mm and tyre widths of up 60 mm (+/- 5 mm)
· Less rim and tyre defects caused by snakebites
· Improved shock-absorption for flowing and fast rides
· Better grip thanks to lower air pressure
· No modifications required on rim, wheel or other components
· Compatible with aluminium and carbon rims (unless there is an exclusion from the manufacturer)
· Run Flat features allow for riding on until the finish or the next tech zone
· Weight: approx. 80 g per wheel (27,5“ without tubeless valve)

In the Box :

· 2x PTN Pepi`s Tire Noodle (for front and rear wheel)
· 2x special PTN tubeless valve (40mm)

Only compatible with the original PTN tubeless valves as these have special grooves that allow for inflating the tyre.